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Tomorrow 14 May, the Feast of St. Matthias, the Catholic Church is participating in a Day of Fastin, Prayer and Charitable Works for the good of all humanity, and an end to the Covid-19 pandemic. Remarkably, this initiative comes from The Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, an interfaith group – mainly Christian, Jewish and Muslim – in which the Vatican is strongly involved. (Of course Muslims are currently fasting for Ramadan.)

 To help us, here’s an inspiring talk and very practical talk on “The Forgotten Power of Fasting” from Sister Emmanuel Maillard in Medjugorje. For example, what kind of bread to eat – and lots of water. Thank you to Zlata Vrabec, one of the Cambridge Lay Dominicans, for sharing this with us!

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  • An alternative Christian approach to fasting is outlined in the book “Eat, Fast and Feast” by Jay W Richards. (He is a Catholic convert.)
    Having read it, I followed it this past Lent and found it very fruitful and doable. Bread and water is one way to fast… this book recommends another way, where, when you fast, you are only taking in water (and salt). It balances fasting with a proper attitude to feasting as well. 🙂

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