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If you prefer to send donations by post, please send cheques payable to 'The Dominican Council' to Dominicans Training Fund Appeal, 17 Beaumont St, Oxford OX1 2NA

Many vocations – but not enough funds to train them!

The Dominican Friars in Britain have seen a surge of vocations in recent years. We have a dozen men preparing for ordination. We urgently need to raise £1 million to cover the costs of training them for the priesthood.

Forming a man for others

Through seven years of formation, and a lifelong commitment to study and prayer, each Dominican friar is taught to serve others, to guide and befriend those he meets, helping them on their journey.

Our formation takes place over 1 year in Cambridge, then 6 years in Oxford. During this time, friars have to acquire a true expertise in philosophy and theology, as well as a new spiritual depth and maturity, and an experience of pastoral care and service to the needy. By the grace of God, we must prepare these men as best we can for the many challenges the world can throw at them.

The English Dominican friars have a simple life together – but the high-quality training we need does not come cheap. Like everyone, we are affected by the rising costs of living and of education.

Blessed with vocations

Throughout the Church, there is an acute awareness of the need for further vocations to the religious life and priesthood. Through the prayers of many, God has greatly blessed the English Dominicans. Our order is full of young men!

By our estimate, the seven years of pre-ordination training costs about £115,000 for one friar. Currently, 12 men are in training for the English Province, and new vocations are coming all the time. This is good news, but it means considerable costs for us!

Income from our ethically-invested funds only covers part of our projected costs. In order to make up the shortfall, we are currently having to divert money away from our other areas of activity, meaning we have less money to direct towards our mission in parishes, universities and schools.

Our fundraising needs

To ensure we can cover the Friars’ training needs, we need to meet or exceed a fundraising target of £1 million by 2021, the 800th anniversary of the Dominican Friars in Britain.

If we can meet this target, this will mean that we won’t have to divert money away from our mission-related activities to pay the costs of training. And if our fundraising exceeds our immediate needs, this is even better news, as we can put the left-over money into our ethically-invested fund and so build extra income for the future.

How you can help

As friars we rely on the great generosity of others to support us. To help train our new brothers, we are asking our friends, those who know us and love what we do, and those who share our vision for a world transformed by Jesus Christ, to consider how they might be able to help us.

We are looking either for generous one-off gifts, or a regular monthly donation. You may even wish to set up your own fundraising event!

If you are unable to help us now, please consider remembering the Dominican Friars in your will.