Br William
  • Novice

Br William was born and raised in Guernsey, in the Channel Islands. Owing to his interest in Physics and Mathematics he studied Natural Sciences at Clare College, Cambridge, specialising in Astrophysics during his final year. After graduating in 2013 he remained in Cambridge as a software engineer, testing the software on Bluetooth radio chips for wireless audio products. He was an active member of the University Catholic community based at Fisher House, including serving on the student committee for two years, and he was also involved in the work of the Cambridge Inter-collegiate Christian Union. Through this he became interested in ecumenical dialogue. More recently he has developed an interest in the compatibility between science and faith, and has written articles for God and the Big Bang, a nation-wide initiative led from the Anglican Diocese of Manchester, which provides opportunities for secondary-school students to discuss the relationship between science and belief. He discovered the Order of Preachers through the Lay Dominican Fraternity of Cambridge, of which he was a member for two years before joining the Friars in order to devote himself to preaching the Christian faith full time.