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It was only a small walk for us novices, but the visit on Monday the 5th of May to Westfield House – the House for Theological Studies of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of England, was a serious ‘first’ and a pleasant surprise for all us. The visit was the result of the good contacts between Rev. Jonathan Mumme (who tutors in Lutheran Theology and Ethics at Westfield House) and the Blackfriars Community at Cambridge.

At Westfield, we joined the staff and students of Westfield for evening prayer. Afterwards we had a little tour of the premises and an informal tea with the staff and students. During the tour of the house one of the staff-members pointed out that Luther’s portrait could be found in almost every important room. One wonders what this Reformer would have made from the sight of visiting Dominicans. Indeed, much has changed. That we may continue to pray that one-day we all may be one (John 17:21).

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