Friendship matters

A Lenten reflection on the theme of friendship by Fr Bob Eccles OP Our brother Timothy wrote a book called originally, Je vous appelle amis. It was translated into English as ‘I call you friends.’ Timothy was appealing to those verses of Chapter 15 of St John’s gospel where at the Last Supper, Jesus says, […]

The Word made flesh

Fr Aidan Nichols OP gives here the third talk in our series ‘Faith for Busy People’: ‘The Word made flesh: Jesus, God and Man’. The title I have been given – The Word made flesh: Jesus, God and man – is sandwiched between those of the lectures which precede and follow it, viz., ‘In the […]

In the fullness of time

Bruno Clifton OP reflects on Israel’s hope for a Saviour in the second of the series of talks ‘Faith for Busy People’ I have a book about the end of the Bronze Age called, ‘1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed’, when a mysterious group, known only as the ‘Sea Peoples’, laid waste to the Near East. […]

Salvation: What is it and who needs it?

Richard Finn OP reflects on the nature and scope of salvation in the first of the series of talks ‘Faith for Busy People’ “Creator of the stars of night. Thy people’s everlasting light. O Jesu Saviour of us all, Regard thy servants when they call. Thou, grieving that the ancient curse should doom to death […]

About tomorrow… Sermon for Sunday of Week 8 (Year A)

‘Take …no thought for your life….Take no thought for the morrow’ – that was what generations of English-speaking men and women have heard Jesus to say in today’s Gospel. But does the King James Bible tell it as it is? Several centuries earlier, St Francis stopped the cook from preparing the brothers’ meal the night […]