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Among one of the first things that I’ve realized on in arriving in Spain are the splendid temperatures. How St. Dominic managed to wear the full habit (meaning, also the cappa) remains a complete mystery to me.

Another remarkable thing is that Catholicism is – still – very much around in Spain and, at least superficially, part of the Spanish culture. Most churches are open, and in most churches you’ll find people praying. Which can be quite a challenge when a fresh busload of tourists just arrives.

We visited both Salamanca University and the cathedral (or both the cathedrals, since the old and new cathedral appear to have merged in a very successful yet eclectic style. The references to St. Dominic, St. Thomas and the Order seem to be around almost everywhere.

Spanish is still quite a challenge though, especially during the liturgy of the hours but also during the meals. Conversations with our brothers in the community here take place in English, German, French and Spanish. One can’t but enjoy being part of an international order!