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Last month, Mariapaola Sorrentino, one of the Lay Dominicans in Cambridge, volunteered to provide first aid training for the Novices, training them how to respond to incidents in a safe and helpful way. The two-hour tutorial was a practical session with many invaluable insights like, “don’t rush to drive someone to the hospital, an ambulance is a much safer and a certified means of transportation in a medical emergency.”  She encouraged seeking professional help, and the help of others during an emergency.


The session focused on the topics below, yet touched on many others not specifically mentioned:



  • Difficulty breathing
  • Coughing
  • Discolouration


  • Blows between the shoulders on their back
  • Abdominal thrusts



  • Face drooping
  • Arms dropped, weak movement
  • Speech difficulty


  • Seek medical assistance quickly, call 999



  • If the cut is small, Clean wound place a bandage
  • If cut is large, put pressure on the wound to stop bleeding
  • If cut on arm, ensure the arm is above the heart, restrict blood flow



  • Place in Recovery position if they are breathing,
  • If they are not breathing, check the airway for obstructions, using gloves. Call for help and if necessary perform CPR
 Please do keep the Novices in your prayers

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