The 2023 Aquinas Lecture, given by Dr Anna Abram, Principal of the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology, Cambridge, was such a success that if it weren’t for technology we wouldn’t have been able to fit the audience in the chapel! The chapel was full and we were joined by many more people on Zoom and Radio Maria England.

Dr Abram spoke onĀ Truth Matters, asking us, in a highly approachable lecture on a complex subject, to ponder what truth is and what it means to us. She then explored the question of truthfulness, especially in the light of “fake news” and “alternative facts”, before turning to some modern philosophies of truth, and then St Thomas Aquinas’ and Pope Francis’ writings on truth. She concluded with a funny and moving example from contemporary Poland. You can listen to it on Radio Maria here (please allow a few seconds for it to load), and read the entire text here: Aquinas Lecture 27 Jan 2023 Truth Matters.

A lively discussion followed the lecture, which continued over a reception in the Old Library.