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A meditation from a Catholic prisoner who joins us for Mass every day by Radio Maria. A few years ago he received the grace of deciding to deepen his prayer, and started praying regularly with three other prisoners. Now they are locked in their cells 23 hours per day, but are still united with each other – and now with Catholics all over the world – by Radio Maria. Here’s his reflection on Mass at this time, for which we are very grateful. Let’s pray for him and for all prisoners.

As I listen once more to Mass during this time of distance,

Eyes closed, listening to the words of the Eucharistic Prayer,

Listening in raptured love,

To the words that become the door for the Eternal Word to become once more Present,

Disguised as bread and wine, eyes and hearts of faith feel the presence, through the air waves, of Christ,

My heart quickens in love.

Time stretches out and at the same time, compresses,

As with the disciples my heart says,

“Lord, it is good for us to be here,

Let us build tents so that we can remain here.”

Then reality hits with the crack as the Bread is broken once more.

The mystery of Christ is only complete in sacrifice, in His suffering.

It is this with which He nourishes us, His faithful.

Bringing strength and peace:

Strength in the realisation that if we suffer,

Christ suffered too and paid the price to make us right with the Father and each other;

Peace as He enters our heart and soul,

Broken yet whole,

Broken by light, made whole in Him.

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  • I had to read this beautiful piece of writing a number of times, as each time I became more aware of the man who wrote this & his wondrous words. Many in our society would say this is what he deserves as he was found guilty of committing a crime. But where is the humanity, compassion & love for a man who sinned & then turned to God. Being locked up for 23 hours is something none of us can imagine, let’s not kid ourselves how awful this is. Would we be able to turn to God had we been this man? I salute this very brave & sincere member of God’s flock & my prayers are full of spiritual love for him. It was an honour reading his text & I pray God will keep this man strong in spiritual love & help him to gain solace in his confinement. Pax vobiscum.

  • I was blessed to be one of the three who prayed with this man , it was he who led me to Christ. Being able to read this piece has reminded me of just how special a person he is and how strong he is in his faith. I would like to thank Carol for her kind words and prayers for him. I pray that he stays strong and continues to write such inspirational pieces. may our lord bless him always and keep him safe .

  • Bless you Jimmy. Thanks for this.
    God does indeed move in mysterious ways. HALLELUJIA!!!!!!!
    Shalom and agape.

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